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My beginnings in programming

How did I start development? What am I capable of mastering? What will my future be?


07 January 2021


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Many ask me how I started development, what training did I take and why did I start? Here is the article allowing you to discover everything.


  • How it all began ?
  • And the web in all this?
  • What training did I follow?
  • What am I capable of achieving today?
  • How do I see my future in this area?
  • Conclusion

1. How did it all start?

Being a video game player and very curious, I inquired about how a video game worked. At that time I was playing Minecraft, so I discovered the existence of development and my first programming language: Java. So I wanted to add my personal touch and my creativity to the community. Therefore, I learned to use this language, the syntax and all that goes with it. So I installed my first development environment and started with very small projects.

2. And the web in all this?

It was much later that I became aware of the vastness of the web domain. As I got really interested in this new field, So I learned new programming languages: JavaScript, Html and Css. These languages were much easier to learn because I had a good foundation in programming. I trained as much in Front development as in Back development. The Front results in the interface of the application visible by a user and the Back by the part invisible and inaccessible by a user.

3. What training did I take?

When I started, I took a course on OpenClassrooms to learn Java syntax. In addition, I bought myself a big book, very big 400-page book called Programming in Java. I acquired new functionalities such as the principles of object programming for example. Today, I mostly learn on my own using the Internet and development discord servers. Recently, I have been taking training on Udemy in particular to learn Go and Docker. Finally, I also use Youtube to follow more or less technical tutorials.

4. What am I able to achieve today

Currently, I am able to do entire web applications, both the Back and the Front. As mobile and office applications are based on the same technologies, I also know how to develop applications of this type. To see all my skills mastered, please visit my About page, in the Technical Skills section.

5. How do I see my future in this field?

I am currently asking myself a lot of questions about my future in development and my professional future. So I attend a lot of computer conferences and do a lot of research. Lately, I learned about an area that I knew only vaguely. It was a very great interest that immediately developed for this area because it meets all my expectations, and I think I will thrive in this area a lot!

6. Conclusion

Now you know everything about my beginning and my journey. I hope I have answered all of your questions and that you know how you can start your own journey! I am available for all your additional questions!


Here are various links of development discord servers with an active community:

In addition, I would like to thank _RealAlpha_ and Freeze (and all the others) who answered all my questions and with whom I share a great passion! I started the web efficiently thanks to Freeze, thanks to you 😉 They are very active on discord servers and will be able to help you with Java and Web development.

Thanks for reading to the end!