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Opening of the new version of my site!

After long months of development, here is version 2 of my site!


13 December 2020


2 min


Dev, Web

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After long months of development, I have the honor to present you the brand new version of my site. What's new ? What techniques were used ? Everything will be detailed in this article.


  • Why a new version?
  • Why was it so long?
  • What does this new version offer?
  • What technologies are used?
  • Conclusion

1. Why a new version?

You should know that I have discovered lots of new technologies concerning web development. Indeed, it is an area that I have always wanted to discover. So I started a year ago to release my site, its first version. Being new to this field, the code quickly became complicated to maintain and is not flexible at all. These constraints meant that I could not update it often and when I wanted. In addition, having more experience in this field, I wanted to improve the design of my site by making it more editable and improving the code.

2. Why was it so long?

I am currently in Terminale générale, which is why I have a lot of homework that takes time staff that I prefer to devote rather than to development. I am often under pressure because of this new Baccalaureate, where all marks count towards the final Baccalaureate mark. I don't really have a creative mind, so I try to be as satisfied as possible with the end result of the design of my site. I also discovered new technologies, yes again, which took a while learning before rushing headlong into the code. I tried to be more organized in the code, to save time, as I had little.

3. What does this new version offer?

This new version offers many more features than the previous version:

  • Better mobile rendering 📱
  • A day module 🌞 and a night module 🌚
  • A multi-language site 🌍
  • A dynamization of the content ⚙
  • A blog ✒
  • A portfolio 🎓
  • A personal CV ✉
  • A better point of contact 📌

4. What technologies are used?

In this version, I used several technologies:

  • NuxtJs for server-side rendering
  • VueJs for user interface
  • TailwindCss & Sass for style
  • NuxtJs / Content for all content

5. Conclusion

To conclude, I am very satisfied with the result of this new version, with its features. I'll let you visit the rest of the site and give me your opinion!

Thanks for reading to the end!